7 Tips To Avoid Stress Eating During The Holidays

Do you tend to overdo it with stress eating during the holidays? Here are  some quick tips to enjoy holiday meals without the stress.

1. Whether you are hosting/cooking or not, eat light during the day, but  don’t go to dinner starving.

2. Take it easy on the appetizers and alcohol before the meal.

3. Enjoy and appreciate the company of family and friends being together.

4. Stand back and take in the entire scene – appreciate the beauty of the food and the time and effort that it took to prepare it.

5. Think about what you are most hungry for – don’t just eat because “it’s there.”

6. Close your eyes and imagine how you want to feel leaving the gathering (or when everyone goes home).

7. Visualize yourself savoring the food, and eating in a way that leads to the feeling in step 6. See yourself leaving food on your plate and pushing away from the table, feeling satisfied and “just right.”

That’s it! Use these steps for any holiday meal, and you will be stress free,  and far ahead of the crowd!

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Psychologist, Master Certified Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner. She is one of the world’s leading experts in using Emotional Freedom Techniques to help people lose weight without dieting, stop binge eating, and reduce anxiety and stress. She is the author of 4 Books on Emotional Freedom Techniques, the EFT Tips Newsletter, the Binge Eating Teleseminar and the EFT Weight Loss CD. Carol has a thriving coaching practice and is passionate about helping others succeed.

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