The Doughnut Truth

emotional_eaterIf you are an emotional eater, then diets are a “doughnut truth.”

The writer, Vladimir Nabokov coined the term doughnut truth to mean “only the truth, and the whole truth, with a hole in the truth.”

What diets can offer to an emotional eater is no more than that – a truth with a hole in the middle, a big hole.

What they say isn’t wrong, exactly, but it is massively incomplete.

To be healthy, you DO have to find a way to eat less, and exercise more. But you also have to find a way to manage your emotions that are driving the overeating. Continue reading

Is Stress Eating Your Answer To Everything?

The other day I sat in an airport in Raleigh, NC. It was 10 a.m. and I was exhausted.

I had gotten up early to pack. My best friend wanted to have 1 last chance to go to breakfast before I left.

It had been a whirlwind trip, visiting friends and my old stomping grounds where I lived, worked and went to school for nearly 8 years.

Lots of memories there.

Did I say I was tired?

I ordered a bagel – not because I was hungry, but because I was tired. Normally, I can resist this type of conditioning and find something better to do than eat, but at the airport, there weren’t too many options.
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Women Food and God on Oprah

Women, Food and God” will be featured on the Oprah show this week, with Geneen Roth, author of 7 books on compulsive eating. Geneen has always been masterful at describing her compulsive eating and compulsive dieting in artful detail. This book discusses the process of her retreat students, as well as the connection of spirituality and compulsive eating. Continue reading

Stress Eating Is NOT The Problem

I can’t tell you how many posts I have read with statements like “I am gaining weight because I am stress eating!”

Many people seem to have an awareness that something is driving them to eat, and it’s easy to focus on that as the problem.

Stress eating itself is NOT the problem. It is whatever is driving you to turn to a drug, like food in the first place. When you are done eating the cookies, what drove you to the cookies in the first place is still there. Continue reading

The Downside Of Losing Weight

What’s your downside of losing weight?

Hmmm . . . it could be any number of things . . . most commonly the fear of having to maintain it . . .  or having to give up the foods you love . . . or the fear of unwanted attention from others.

It can certainly go deeper than that as well. Once you start digging in this area, you are likely to find something.

Having a downside isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you want to be successful, you’d better figure out what it is and deal with it.

Because if you don’t, you won’t lose weight. Continue reading

Are You Hungry For Something More Than Food?

We use food for stress relief, and as a source of comfort and solace. But no matter how much you eat, it won’t bring more love, nurturing or acceptance into your life.

The more stress we feel, the more the felt need for a reward or a distraction in order to feel good – a way of telling ourselves we are good or we are deserving.

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Heartmath and Emotional Eating

I just watched a webinar on how to stop emotional eating and stress eating from the folks at Heartmath. In a 6-week pilot study, their research showed:

  • 5.2 lb. average weight reduction over 6 weeks of using the Heartmath stress reducer
  • Average waist size reduced by 2.1 inches
  • Average hip circumference reduced by 1.78 inches
  • Calmness significantly increased
  • Anger, resentfulness and stress significantly reduced

These results were all accomplished WITHOUT any specific food or exercise regimen, only using the Heartmath emWave tool.

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