Your Story Matters

You tell yourself a story inside your head every day.  Our stories are based on past experiences and the beliefs we form because of those experiences. We create limitations in our minds that are usually untrue.

Our stories can play like a soundtrack in the back of our minds.

If you listen for that  small, quiet voice, you’ll catch yourself. The story makes up a big part of who you tell yourself you are. And to a large extent, you play out the story in life.

Are you playing small in order to avoid conflict?

Are you withdrawing from relationships in order to avoid pain?

Is your story worn out and no longer relevant?

Is it causing you to feel bad about yourself? To limit yourself?

Your story will either empower you or limit you. If you tell yourself you “can’t” or you aren’t “_________ enough” (fill in the blank – smart, disciplined, strong, etc.), those are all versions of the same dis-empowering “I’m not enough” story.

Or you may tell yourself something about the task, like “it’s too hard.” Do you believe that losing weight is hard? Perhaps that is how you perceived it in the past. But if you continue to echo that story now, you make it a reality.

If the challenge you are facing is big enough, the “not enough” story will show up. That’s because you are venturing out of your comfort zone.

You can do some investigative work and ask yourself “Where did I learn that?” A memory may come to mind. But even if it doesn’t, it serves you to create a new story. (Note to self: you can use tapping to uncover and change old stories.)

One of my favorite stories that I *choose* to tell myself when I’m facing a challenge is this: “If other people can do it, then I can do it too.” This makes so much logical sense to me, that I don’t have any other choice but to keep moving forward 🙂

I don’t worry about “how” I’m going to do it. The “how” is generally revealed after I make the commitment.

You either use your stories to your advantage, or they limit you. If you tell yourself the right story, then you keep moving forward, no matter what. Yes, you may feel more vulnerable, but you will also feel more passionate, more loving and more alive…maybe even unstoppable.

The “True” Cause of Stress And How To Eliminate It

One Saturday not too long ago, I was in my car on the way to the gym, but I was feeling stressed.

I just had this anxious feeling, like I was fighting with myself. I felt like I “should” go work out, but my spirit said “no!”

For once, I decided to listen.

It made no logical sense, really. I could have easily gone to work out for 20-30 minutes, and then done the rest of my errands.

I just didn’t want to.

So I didn’t.

Instead, I went to the video store and rented 2 funny movies. Then I went to my favorite upscale grocery store and bought exactly what I wanted. (This was not binge food – it was 4 kinds of Salmon (premade in the deli) and crab cakes, and asparagus and the big, expensive shrimp that I NEVER splurge on.)

Then I went home and sat outside and read a book. It was 1 of those perfect days – not too hot . . . not too cold. And I relaxed. I ate the crab cakes for lunch and some of the salmon for dinner. I guess I had a thing for fish that day; but even before then, I felt completely *fulfilled* . . . just by saying yes to me.

It was liberating really . . . I had NO urge to overeat . . . no urge for sweets . . . and the feeling lasted through the entire weekend.

Here’s The *True* Cause Of Stress

It’s amazing how much stress is caused by the gap between what we believe in and how we live our lives. Stress may be less about time pressure, and more about expressing our personal integrity.

There’s a gap between our stated values and what we actually do in our lives. This may be the reason why people with overwhelming stress or catastrophic circumstances, such as a life threatening illness, report their stress levels have reduced and they actually feel joyful. Sometimes people even say becoming ill was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Through their suffering, these folks have identified in a very deep way with what’s most important in their lives. They have a deep sense of what’s important and suddenly are blessed with the courage to bring their lives in alignment with it for the first time.

Rather than use their strength and energy to endure jobs or relationships that betray their deepest values, they are now able to make the needed changes without fear.

Rachel Naomi Remen tells the story of a woman in treatment for cancer:

“For the first time, I am sailing my boat by my own star. My God, have I sailed it by everything else! And allowed everyone else to take a turn at the tiller. All of my life I’ve headed against myself, against my own direction. But now I have a deep sense of my way, and I am loyal to it. This is my boat, and it was made to sail in this direction, by this star. You ask why I seem so much more peaceful now? Well, I am living all in one piece.”

The real cause of stress is not destructive relationships, unruly children, or critical bosses. It is the loss of a sense of ourselves and a connection, in a spiritual sense, to all that is. If that is true, then the ways that we have attempted to deal with stress (both positive and negative) cannot heal it at the deepest level. Stress is just an indication that we cannot be removed from our soulful selves without paying a price.

There are many practices that can increase awareness and deepen the sense of ourselves and our connection to the universe. Among these are prayer, meditation, EFT, hypnosis, and experiences of great loss. There’s nothing quite like losing everything you thought was important to you to help you sort out priorities fast. And drop responsibilities and obligations that no longer serve you.

How many people live in a cluttered house when they want to live in an uncluttered house? You want a simpler lifestyle with plenty of money, but there are pressures at work, the kids drive you crazy, the boss is harassing you, and you worry about losing your job. How many people tolerate a bad relationship because they are afraid to leave? This leaves a gap between what you want and what you have. That equals stress and imbalance. When life is not balanced, things go wrong.

That’s why I encourage you to clean up different parts of your life. Let go of responsibilities, relationships, etc. that no longer serve you. Clean a closet . . . clear off your desk. You’ll feel lighter already . . .

Faster EFT For Stress and Weight Loss

Last week, I interviewed Robert Smith of Robert has done a lot with EFT for weight loss and stress reduction. He explains the concepts in really simple terms. If you could use some stress relief, try using EFT regularly. Robert’s EFT methods are definitely worth checking out. They are fast ways to reduce stress, and they work!

If you aren’t familiar with Robert, he trains people all over the world in his method, FasterEFT, and has a huge following as a life coach and a respected leader in the field of personal growth. He is one of the world’s leading experts on stress, spirituality and healing.

Robert is known for his sense of humor, his ability to simplify the complex and his dynamic training style. His quest is a spiritual one and, accordingly, he is an ordained minister. His message is, “You can live a stress free life and be successful in everything you do.”

Robert even came through with a special offer at the very last minute for my readers only on EFT for weight loss.

Check this out now – not sure how long he will make this available for us.

Stress Relief and Hot Yoga

It takes place in a candlelit room.

Just 3 small windows for natural light, and 3 small candles.

I’ve figured out a very simple formula.

Less stress = less stress eating.

Hot yoga is one of the paths I have chosen to get there.

As I walk in, it feels just plain HOT! It’s the same 95 degrees and the same series of poses, but every time, you experience it differently, the instructor explains.

Her instructions are simple. For the next 90 minutes, when thoughts come into your mind, just pretend you are on vacation and you don’t have to think about it right now.

The purpose of yoga is to quiet the mind. And since the mind needs something to do, you can just focus on your breath.

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