Heartmath and Emotional Eating

I just watched a webinar on how to stop emotional eating and stress eating from the folks at Heartmath. In a 6-week pilot study, their research showed:

  • 5.2 lb. average weight reduction over 6 weeks of using the Heartmath stress reducer
  • Average waist size reduced by 2.1 inches
  • Average hip circumference reduced by 1.78 inches
  • Calmness significantly increased
  • Anger, resentfulness and stress significantly reduced

These results were all accomplished WITHOUT any specific food or exercise regimen, only using the Heartmath emWave tool.

The program is designed to help you internally self-regulate your stress and emotions, and change your psychophysiology, so that you are more able to follow through on your own healthy intentions.

Even better – The changes in the participants were sustained 6 months later.

The Heartmath tools are designed to help you create sustainable changes, not just temporary shifts in behavior!

People in the study reported that the *emotional* weight that lifted was far more significant to them than even meeting their weight goals.

Their entire lives improved – relationships, sleep, and job performance.

People in the study reported feeling good from other sources and not having to rely on food.

The program helped people:

  • Identify stress triggers
  • Assess their emotional eating and stress
  • Learn tools to manage their stress triggers and change their stress reactions
  • Stop adding more emotional weight
  • Start to lose emotional weight
  • Shift from emotional eating to intuitive eating

The emWave tool helps you to reset the body’s responses, and anchor the new responses you want to use to soothe yourself rather than relying on food.

Losing emotional weight? Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Emotional stress is often tied to physiological patterns – we can actually rewire that patterning to release the burden of excess emotional weight.

Intuitive eating is when you are aligned with what your body needs. You may not be able to do this overnight – it’s a learning process.

But intuitive eating is the result of what happens when you aren’t reaching for food for emotional and stress eating reasons!

In a sense, it’s the opposite of emotional eating.

This process is accomplished in steps.

The emWave technology enables you to bring the heart into coherence, activating positive emotions and core values. This allows you to carry out your intentions and sustain your commitments for longer periods.

The emWave gives you the feedback from your body as to when you are in the “zone” so you can get into sync more quickly and stay on track to prevent stress eating.

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