Stress Triggers

Stress triggers can be just about anything – an emotion, an event … a disappointment. For example, lately I’ve been dealing with the worst website host ever, a company called Jumpline. This site is run on WordPress, and to create new articles, I have to go into the admin area every time I want to write a new post. I was having more and more difficulty logging in and maneuvering through the admin area.

It was taking several MINUTES to go from 1 page to the next. While I submitted multiple support tickets to Jumpline, they never fixed the problem.  Since I don’t know everything technical, I asked my tech guy to take a look. Here’s what he said – My server was never configured properly! “It’s taking about 3 minutes between pages refreshes on your blog right now and I get logged-out after every page request.” In other words, Jumpline sucks! And when they could not fix the problem, I moved my sites, and asked for a refund. Guess what? They wouldn’t give me one. What a surprise! It’s a good thing that I moved my sites because they then deleted my account, and they even made up a bogus customer support ticket that suggested I requested this deletion.

Wow! It’s a good thing I’m not a stress eater anymore because I would weigh 500 lb. with frustration like this! Moral of the story – be careful who you are dealing with. The reason they wouldn’t give me a refund is because I requested it after I had already paid for 6 months of hosting, and it was in their “terms of service” – you know, those fine print clauses that every company makes you sign, just for situations like this.  Grrrrr… Good companies will issue a refund for any reason, especially when their service wasn’t up to par. But bad hosting companies do what Jumpline did – at the risk of their own online reputation.

So what are your stress triggers? Go ahead, vent! It helps to have a voice. I feel better already!

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