Women Food and God on Oprah

Women, Food and God” will be featured on the Oprah show this week, with Geneen Roth, author of 7 books on compulsive eating. Geneen has always been masterful at describing her compulsive eating and compulsive dieting in artful detail. This book discusses the process of her retreat students, as well as the connection of spirituality and compulsive eating. Continue reading

Stress Eating: Is It An Addiction?

Is Stress Eating An Addiction?

All addictive processes represent an effort to control feelings.

Even more than that, they represent an effort to keep life itself under control.

Addicts are hooked on things being one certain way (the way they “should” be), and are unable to just let things “be” to take their natural course.

Addiction is a response to resisting life’s natural course, and consistently wanting things to be better, or at least different than they are now. In that way, addiction represents a spiritual and emotional hunger, cutting us off from others who might be able to help. Continue reading

Stress Eating’s Evil Cousin

It’s that time of year where stress baking (stress eating’s evil cousin) can rear it’s ugly head.

Stress baking may be even more insidious than stress eating itself, in that you tend to eat even more sweets and generously “share” (read “push”) them on others.

The sharing part can be (of course) an innocent loving act, in which you share your homemade goodies that you know others will not be able to resist, and will sing your praises.

But for the most part, you aren’t doing them any favors, and you may be sharing your goodies so that you can have your cake and eat it too (just not ALL of it.)

It’s a strategy to control your own compulsive eating. Continue reading