Psychological Eating

How much of your eating is physiological and how much is psychological eating?

How you feel in any given moment depends upon how you are managing your emotional states. It is human nature to want to feel good.

That is one reason why so many people use food to manage emotions, and change the way they feel.

When something happens that triggers a negative emotion, then psychological eating comes into play. If you aren’t hungry, and you ask yourself why you are eating, most often the answer will be “to change the way I feel.” Continue reading

Psychology Of Eating

psychology of eating It’s time for the psychology of eating. After all, you’ve tried all the diets. You’ve counted calories, carbohydrates and fat grams.

You’ve studied every food combination ever invented and used your own body as a laboratory. They work—temporarily.

They may even work for months at a time and you think you’ve finally licked it. You have found the answer. But then slowly… insidiously… you start to regain. The pounds creep back on. You do what the books tell you to do. You try to lose it again right away, but you feel it slipping away.

This is the psychology of eating at work.

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