Is The Stress Eating Battle Over?

On this month’s cover of  ‘O’ Magazine, there’s a bold declaration – “The battle is over…”

The ‘battle’ that Oprah is referring to is, of course, with her weight.

It’s always been curious to me that one of the most influential women in the world . . . with access to every resource . . . has not conquered the battle with weight. Continue reading

Stress Eating: Is It An Addiction?

Is Stress Eating An Addiction?

All addictive processes represent an effort to control feelings.

Even more than that, they represent an effort to keep life itself under control.

Addicts are hooked on things being one certain way (the way they “should” be), and are unable to just let things “be” to take their natural course.

Addiction is a response to resisting life’s natural course, and consistently wanting things to be better, or at least different than they are now. In that way, addiction represents a spiritual and emotional hunger, cutting us off from others who might be able to help. Continue reading

Saying No To Stress Eating

One night many years ago, my boyfriend called and wanted me to meet him at a bar down the street from where I lived.

It was around 10 p.m., 20 degrees outside, and I was in my pajamas and curlers (yes, curlers!)

The last thing I wanted to do was go out to a bar, so of course, I said “sure.”

Heaven forbid, I didn’t want to make him mad or hurt his feelings. I was too invested in being “nice” and agreeable in avoiding conflict. After all, I wanted him to propose to me, and so half my life was spent saying “yes” to things I didn’t want.

Thank God I got over that!

And double thanks that he never proposed to me. I might have thought that my warped strategy worked. Continue reading

Stress Eating and Your Weight

Most people who engage in stress eating are highly concerned about their appearance and weight. For some people, their world is dominated by thoughts of food and weight issues. Most stress eaters want to lose weight and are anxious about gaining weight.

Obsessive concerns about food and weight are not uncommon. One client that I worked with weighed herself at least 10 times per day. Others don’t weigh themselves at all, always fearing the worst.

Shame about your appearance can interfere with day-to-day life. Some people will avoid social situations, and many avoid letting others (or even themselves) see what they look like. Avoiding others tends to increase the stress and consequently, the stress eating even more. Continue reading

Control Holiday Stress Eating and Cravings

I’m quite sure that there are carbohydrates in heaven!

But then, there won’t be any stress, so there won’t be any need for stress eating!

I once read a book by Suzanne Somers, and was quite shocked to see the line-up of supplements that she takes to control cravings for carbohydrates.

While it can seem like trying to stop a moving train, there are quite a few strategies to control cravings and stop stress eating during the holidays. Continue reading

Stress Eating, Money and Weight

Someone asked for the transcript of the video on stress eating, money and weight. Here you go –

Stress eating, money and weight issues have a lot in common – 1st – they  run on scarcity – the stress, fear and anxiety of not having enough.

Many people are walking around with this sort of poverty mentality, even if they DO have “enough” – it never feels like enough, so you keep striving for more and it keeps you in anxiety stress mode most of the time. Continue reading

More Chocolate – Less Stress Eating?

We all know intuitively that chocolate can uplift mood and help you feel good temporarily.

A new study at Nestlé Research Center (where else?) Lausanne, Switzerland, found that eating just over an ounce of dark chocolate daily for two weeks lowered stress hormone levels in highly stressed people (that would be us) and also partially corrected other stress-related biochemical imbalances.

These are the same folks that published a photo of a Hersheys bar with the word “happiness” on it. Continue reading

Stress Eating’s Evil Cousin

It’s that time of year where stress baking (stress eating’s evil cousin) can rear it’s ugly head.

Stress baking may be even more insidious than stress eating itself, in that you tend to eat even more sweets and generously “share” (read “push”) them on others.

The sharing part can be (of course) an innocent loving act, in which you share your homemade goodies that you know others will not be able to resist, and will sing your praises.

But for the most part, you aren’t doing them any favors, and you may be sharing your goodies so that you can have your cake and eat it too (just not ALL of it.)

It’s a strategy to control your own compulsive eating. Continue reading

Stress Relief and Hot Yoga

It takes place in a candlelit room.

Just 3 small windows for natural light, and 3 small candles.

I’ve figured out a very simple formula.

Less stress = less stress eating.

Hot yoga is one of the paths I have chosen to get there.

As I walk in, it feels just plain HOT! It’s the same 95 degrees and the same series of poses, but every time, you experience it differently, the instructor explains.

Her instructions are simple. For the next 90 minutes, when thoughts come into your mind, just pretend you are on vacation and you don’t have to think about it right now.

The purpose of yoga is to quiet the mind. And since the mind needs something to do, you can just focus on your breath.

Continue reading