Stress Relief and Hot Yoga

It takes place in a candlelit room.

Just 3 small windows for natural light, and 3 small candles.

I’ve figured out a very simple formula.

Less stress = less stress eating.

Hot yoga is one of the paths I have chosen to get there.

As I walk in, it feels just plain HOT! It’s the same 95 degrees and the same series of poses, but every time, you experience it differently, the instructor explains.

Her instructions are simple. For the next 90 minutes, when thoughts come into your mind, just pretend you are on vacation and you don’t have to think about it right now.

The purpose of yoga is to quiet the mind. And since the mind needs something to do, you can just focus on your breath.

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The Stress Eating Emotional Connection

Overeating is not a food problem. It’s a stress problem. It’s an emotional problem. It requires support. The cause of eating too much is too much stress and overwhelm. Overeating decreases when stress is reduced.

The┬ároot of all addictions is the addiction to a tranquilizing activity. Eating is the first and most commonly used (and misused) tranquilizing activity. If you consider yourself “addicted” to food, you very well may be. Stress management and stress reduction should definitely play a role in getting you back on track. Continue reading