Has Stress Eating Become A Habit?

Has stress eating become a habit? Is it hard to stop stress eating once you start? I’ll bet you aren’t reaching for carrots!

According to a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, just a few bites of a sweet treat may leave you yearning for more foods packed with sugar and fat.

Drexel University professor, Evan Forman, Ph.D. conducted a study showing that when participants savored one chocolate truffle, they ended up craving unhealthy foods, such as pizza, potato chips, and ice cream.

“Sampling decadent foods seemed to set off an unconscious urge to overindulge,” Dr. Forman explained. Knowing this fact can help you plan for the unintended consequences of stress eating. Continue reading

5 Ways To Stop Stress Eating and Build Resilience

Stress drains your ability to pick yourself up after life lets you down unless you build stress resilience.

Just as you take in nutritional food and transform it into energy, positive emotions transform into resiliency.

People who are resilient tend to be able to take things in stride, choosing positive emotions and behaviors in the face of stress, and are less likely to engage in stress eating. Continue reading