Faster EFT For Stress and Weight Loss

Last week, I interviewed Robert Smith of Robert has done a lot with EFT for weight loss and stress reduction. He explains the concepts in really simple terms. If you could use some stress relief, try using EFT regularly. Robert’s EFT methods are definitely worth checking out. They are fast ways to reduce stress, and they work!

If you aren’t familiar with Robert, he trains people all over the world in his method, FasterEFT, and has a huge following as a life coach and a respected leader in the field of personal growth. He is one of the world’s leading experts on stress, spirituality and healing.

Robert is known for his sense of humor, his ability to simplify the complex and his dynamic training style. His quest is a spiritual one and, accordingly, he is an ordained minister. His message is, “You can live a stress free life and be successful in everything you do.”

Robert even came through with a special offer at the very last minute for my readers only on EFT for weight loss.

Check this out now – not sure how long he will make this available for us.

Is Your Eating On Automatic Pilot?

Because eating is essential to life, it’s not surprising that it is part of a well-regulated system in our bodies and minds. We feel hungry, seek out and consume food, and experience a sense of satiety. Then the cycle is repeated over and over again.

This system runs automatically, but it is influenced by many factors. For instance, research shows that we eat more in groups, but we don’t spend time thinking about eating more in groups, or even being aware that we do it. Continue reading

Stress Eating, Money and Weight

Someone asked for the transcript of the video on stress eating, money and weight. Here you go –

Stress eating, money and weight issues have a lot in common – 1st – they  run on scarcity – the stress, fear and anxiety of not having enough.

Many people are walking around with this sort of poverty mentality, even if they DO have “enough” – it never feels like enough, so you keep striving for more and it keeps you in anxiety stress mode most of the time. Continue reading