The Candy Diet

A lot of people use candy (and other sweets) to deal with stress and mute their emotions.

Let’s face it – candy is a quick and easy fix.


Maybe too easy…

And unfortunately, loaded with toxic chemicals.

If you find yourself eating candy in your car or anywhere in private, chances are you are using it to soothe yourself…. or to get through a difficult situation… or do something you don’t want to do.

We do what we do with food for very good reasons!

Back to the Candy Diet –

I considered writing a book by this title when I discovered that there used to be a website by that name.

I don’t think there was much research behind it, but there was a diet where you used some type of oil before meals to reduce appetite.

Crazy, right?

Crazy enough to make sense…

So I wondered what would happen if I ate my own candy, which is high in good fats, between meals.

This is not the candy that you buy in the store! Way too sweet for me…

But one of the best strategies to eat less sugar is to is to *train* yourself to prefer low sugar treats.

The way to do this is simply to start making them yourself and use less sugar.

That way, you aren’t eating *less* – you are just eating less sugar.

There are plenty of recipes that already have less sugar.

So it’s just being *willing* to use those recipes and to make them yourself, instead of buying gobs of the store-bought, super-sweet toxic variety.

You’ll notice a difference in your weight and your mood over time.

You may even eat less, because you feel more satisfied.

No, it’s not eliminating sugar altogether …but I never was about that anyway 🙂

We can all do a bit better on this!

Click here to download the recipe!

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