What If You Had To Post Everything you Ate Online?

What if you had to take a picture of everything you ate before you ate it AND post it online for all to see?

I decided to do an experiment and do just that. I wanted to see if it would influence what I ate. Here’s the results:

I started at 6:00 p.m.

This is my preferred meal for dinner. I like to eat my lightest meal at night. I just feel better that way.

Ok … It’s not a great picture, so it may not look so delicious or filling, but it is.

Although the ingredients vary, I usually have a large salad with greens, broccoli sprouts, tomatoes, avocado, walnuts and boiled egg. I use my favorite homemade tahini dressing – very rich and filling. Between the dressing, the avocado and walnuts, there are plenty of good fats that are rich and satisfying.

I like to finish eating by 7:00 p.m. That way, my food has time to digest before bedtime and I sleep better.

This is admittedly pretty desperate since I didn’t have many snacks on hand. This is a CranBran Vitamuffin – 100 calories, 4 g. of protein, 5 g. of fiber. (The chocolate flavor is much better :-))

6:00 a.m. Coffee with supplements that have to be taken an hour before a meal.

7:00 a.m. Breakfast #1

Leftover quiche that I happened to have in the fridge. That made it an easy decision.

However, I regretted it because it had onions in it! Not so great in the morning!

If I hadn’t had that, I would have had scrambled eggs with cheese. Protein in the morning keeps me going all day.

This is a favorite coffee mug – a gift from my friend, Kay Phillips that says “Tap For That!”

10:30 a.m. Breakfast #2

Yeah…one breakfast is usually not enough, so I often have a second one.  This is gluten free bread made with almond meal (grain free).

While the bread itself has no added sugar, (I use either Xylitol or Tagatose by NuNaturals) I’ve added walnuts and chocolate chips. It also contains protein powder. Yum!

1:00 p.m. Lunch

Today I’m having a light lunch – I am basically cleaning out the leftovers – homemade tomato soup.

Soup registers as food in the body, so it seems more filling and substantial than it actually is.

And since it’s about 20 degrees F today, this is a remarkable comfort food…

6:00 p.m. Dinner – We’ve come full circle! I snapped a shot of my dinner just to let you know that I do eat regular food.

Again, it’s not a great picture, so it may not seem as appetizing, but it is…salmon with leftover beans and rice.

More filling than I prefer at dinner, but I was more hungry since I only had soup for lunch.

I had fun with this experiment, and it really made me think about what I was going to eat and why. It gave me a sense of accountability…and created a pause before I just popped something in my mouth without thinking.

Ok, your turn! Would you take a picture of everything you ate and post it online?



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